Thursday, March 2, 2017

3M Nexcare Waterproof Assorted Bandages, 100 Count $5.84 - $6.74 w/S&S & 20% Coupon has the 3M Nexcare Waterproof Assorted Bandages, 100 Count marked down to $8.99.

Clip 20% Coupon on Product Page, &  Use "Subscribe & Save” to get free shipping and save another 5% bringing the price down to $6.74

If you have 5 or more “Subscribe & Save” subscriptions you will save 15% instead of 5% and your total will be $5.84 + Free shipping.

Note: There is no need to be afraid to use Subscribe and Save (S&S) for a fear you will get the same item a 2nd time. That is a big misconception. S&S can save you lots of money each month. Here are a few facts that will explain how it works.

Completing a S&S order is just like adding to your cart, order is not final yet, it will not ship till the ship date each month anyway and you can always cancel any items before it ships. Also there is no need to worry about recurring shipments.

  1. Once your monthly order ships, simply go in to "Your S&S Items" and cancel future shipments.
  2. As a safeguard before the ship date you will get an email (see screenshot below) from Amazon asking you to go in and make any changes for all S&S items for that month. At that point you can decide what you want and what you don't want. 
  3. For those who fear forgetting to cancel the subscription before it ships on next round thus getting an unwanted item shipped again, fear not it will not happen. Just pick 6 months on every S&S order, and once a month (when you are deciding what you want to keep for that month) also cancel the recurring shipments for future 6 months from now. Even if you forget o do this you will have 6 months to cancel , and even if you forget to do it in 6 months you will get an email in 6 months reminding you before you order starts to process   
TIP: Every S&S deal that you are on the fence about, it pays to subscribe while the Deal/Coupon is there so you can at least lock in the price.  You will then have 15 days on average (till ship date) to make sure you still want it and if you dont just cancel before the ship date. Its a win win.

Sample email before your monthly S&S order goes out. 

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