Thursday, August 24, 2017

Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers Paperback, Box Set $5.68 + FS (After $4.97 Discount at Checkout)

Amazon has the Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers Paperback, Box Set for $5.68 + FS After $4.97 Discount at Checkout (Was $10.65)

You've prepared your child for reading - refrigerator magnets down low and easy to reach; letter sounds taught. Your child can proudly spell his or her name. Perhaps he can identify the "stop" and "open" signs as you drive in your car. He or she is ready for the next step into reading.

Inside the colorful box, the bright red cover beckons. On the first page, the letters: 
M - a - t. Your child says the sounds: mmmmm, aaa, ttt. Then, faster: "Mat." Your youngster has read his first word! "Sam", "sat" and "on" complete the vocabulary, and suddenly your child can say, "I read the whole book!"® That is the magic of Bob Books®. 

After 13 years of teaching 3, 4 and 5-year-olds, watching a child make that giant first step into reading still thrills me. The pride in their eyes, their triumphant grasp of a difficult concept, and opening their world to the excitement of books and reading, has brought me many years of satisfaction. 

Bob Books® were specifically designed to facilitate that ah-ha moment, when letters first turn into words. By slowly introducing new letter sounds, using consistency and repetition, and stories that fit short attention spans, your child will quickly find his or her own ah-ha moment. 
We wish your young learner much success and happiness as he or she enters the great adventure of reading.

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