Monday, August 21, 2017

Pre-order Starting Soon! Nintendo SNES Classic Edition

Behold, nostalgic gaming fans! A Super NES Classic is on its way. The new hotness in throwback gaming is slated for September 29 in the US and Europe. If it's anything like the NES Classic, it will be sold out within minutes and ferociously difficult -- or at least eye-wateringly expensive -- to get after that. Your best bet is to preorder it.

The console will come with 21 preinstalled classic games, including all-time greats such as Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Star Fox and, amazingly, the previously unreleased Star Fox 2. It will also come with two wired Super NES Classic Controllers.

It seems that many retailers still don't have preorder pages for the SNES Classic set up yet, and many of those that did have pages have since scrapped them. Even the official Nintendo page still says, "Retailer info coming soon." 

In the US, no one is offering preorders, yet, though Walmart did seem to have an accidental presale. Apparently, those who thought they snagged an SNES preorder on July 21 are being sent emails saying that they will be refunded. Walmart's helpline on Twitter has confirmed that the SNES preorder was a mistake.

You can sign up to get alerts from Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy so you'll be notified by email when preorders are available. We already know that Best Buy and GameStop will be offering the console for $80. Walmart did have a preorder page set up for the SNES, but it has been taken down.

There are rumors that the console hasn't been offered in the US due to a lack of FCC certification, but I've found no proof that's true. There could be many other reasons it hasn't been appeared yet, including concerns over a lack of inventory, which was a big problem Nintendo had with the NES Classic and the Switch.

Make sure, too, that you're ordering the official Nintendo mini SNES, and not a third-party knockoff. "Games sold separately" is a sure way of knowing you're not looking at the real deal -- all of the SNES Classic's games are preloaded.

Source: CNET 

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