Monday, December 14, 2020

Watch Out For This Amazon Prime Phishing Scam


Please be aware. A new email phishing scam is making its way to people's emails.

The scam looks very legitimate but it's not. If you receive an email that looks like its from Amazon similar to the above image, do not click on links. You can check your prime expiration date from the Amazon site itself and im most cases you will see it does not expire yet.

An email that looks like it's from Amazon said there was a problem renewing their Amazon Prime Account. The email then gives the user a prompt to find the documents attached to follow on screen instructions. The instructions then insure there isn't a problem with the renewal by gaining personal information. 

However, Prime user's memberships don't expire until the end of the year The email account also seems to be a scam account and not Amazon's email. 

The grammar and spelling are fine, and the original message as it appears in your inbox contains correct Amazon Prime logos and graphic elements. This one isn’t trying to weed anyone out—it is designed to convince as many people as possible to open that attachment.

In Short: If you are a Prime member, keep track of your renewal date so you will know right away if an email has any chance of being legitimate. But also remember that Amazon isn’t going to send you a message with an attached file. 

Never open an attachment in an email message you weren’t expecting. Even if you think the card associated with your Prime membership might really be expired, don’t click any links or open attachments, visit the Amazon website directly and login to check

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