Sunday, April 23, 2017

45 Pc Office Supplies Starter Set $2.98

This new employee starter set includes stapler with staples, staple remover, scissors, cutting knife (box opener), straight ruler, ball pen, 10 push pins, 20 paper clips, four binder clips, tape dispenser with tape, pen holder, dry erase marker and note pad. This set allows your employee to start with all the desk and office supplies necessary.

Office Supplies Set:
Includes 1 stapler (with staples), 1 staple remover, 1 scissors, 1 cutting knife, 1 straight ruler, 1 ball pen, 10 push pins, 20 paper clips, 4 binder clips, 1 tape dispenser and adhesive tape, 1 holder, 1 dry erase marker and 1 note pad, Easy-to-use holder.

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