Monday, March 12, 2018

Snake Speed Cube Fidget Twist Puzzle $1.79 + Free Shipping

Amazon has the Snake Speed Cube Puzzle,Snake Speed Puzzle Fidget Cube Toys Sticker Less Magic Ruler Twist Cube Puzzle $1.79 + Free Shipping After Clipping $17.10 Coupon

  • Inspire Your Imagination-The funny is that it can be twisted into different shapes, such as a straight line,a ball,a rectangle,a snake, and many imaginative shapes and figures.
  • Small and Portable-The snake ruler cube is small and you can hold on by one hand.You can carry it anywhere.
  • Colorful-There are also a variety of colors to choose. The same shapes of the rubiks cube, different colors look more interesting.Your hands will become more flexible as you play with them.

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