Wednesday, January 27, 2021

GP Percussion 3 Piece Junior Drum Set (Blue) $62.50 + Free Shipping (Other Colors are $229.99)


Walmart has the GP Percussion 3 Piece Junior Drum Set (Blue) $62.50 + Free Shipping

  • This GP Percussion GP50BL Complete Junior Drum Set will make an ideal present for your son. 
  • It is almost the replica of a traditional drum set, but built at a smaller scale, allowing your young talent musician to develop his drumming skills effectively. 
  • It is a 3-piece junior drum set that includes the stands, cymbals, and drumsticks. 
  • It is an ideal accessory for junior players to practice and get their hands and leg coordination correct for playing the drums. 
  • Available in a blue color, the junior drum set with cymbals also includes the junior drummer's throne where your child can sit and practice his skills with pride along with a hi-hat for added fun. 
  • The blue junior drum set will require some assembly upon delivery. 
  • GP Percussion GP50MRB Complete Junior Drum Set: Includes ....stands, cymbals, throne and drumsticks Black ported drum head on 16" x 11" bass drum (6-lug) 10" x 6" tom-tom (5-lug) with holder 10" x 5" snare (5-lug) with stand 10" cymbal with holder Junior Hi-Hat Cymbal with stand Bass drum pedal Junior Drummer's Throne Drum key Drum sticks Assembly required Overall dimensions: 36" long x 36" wide x 36" high Weight: 34 lbs.

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