Friday, October 22, 2021

Amazon Bringing Back Free Shipping to Israel for Orders Over $49

Update: Amazon Lowered the Free Shipping Threshold to Israel to $49!

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 Amazon is bringing back free shipping to Israel for orders over $65

Only certain items are eligible for free shipping, which are clearly marked on the site.

Israeli shoppers rejoice: global shopping giant Amazon has resumed free shipping to Israel.
As of Thursday morning, purchases over $65 are eligible for free shipping to Israel. Only certain items are eligible for free shipping, which are clearly marked on the site. No guidance has been provided as to how long the promotion will last.

Israelis have waited a year and a half for this moment.

When Amazon began offering free shipping to Israel for orders above $49 in November 2019, it set off nothing less than a consumer revolution overnight. Because Amazon was able to sell thousands of products more inexpensively than local stores, Israelis began buying almost everything online, including clothing, electronics, food and even toilet paper.

However, that all ended abruptly in March 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on global shipping channels and forced Amazon to cancel the benefit.

Deliveries to Israel were canceled completely during the early days of the pandemic. Later last summer, sales to Israel were restored, but with longer and more expensive shipping options. Shipping times to Israel have now returned closer to pre-pandemic levels.

Shopping online is a favorite pastime for Israelis, and it has long been common for olim (immigrants to Israel) to order online and have the packages sent to a relative abroad to be picked up or delivered on an upcoming visit. For many Israelis, free delivery to their homes in Israel represents an international level of luxury.

Israelis are avid shoppers on international shopping sites like Ali Express and Next, but the quality and variety of international products on Amazon is generally considered superior.

The $65 threshold for free shipping is intentional. Currently in Israel, deliveries from overseas under $75 are exempt from customs charges. Keeping the size of an order between $65 and $75 in order to avoid fees requires shoppers to exercise a certain level of attention and savvy that Amazon has likely taken into account. The previous threshold of $49 gave shoppers more room to make a sport of dodging fees.

Israel’s Economy Ministry recently proposed that Israel’s $75 VAT exemption on imports should be canceled, as it creates a competitive disadvantage for local retailers who are required to pay VAT from the first shekel. However, if such a measure is ever adopted, it would likely be years away, and would be contingent on Israel developing a simple payment mechanism for consumers and suppliers to pay customs charges, according to the Economy Ministry document.

How to Get Free Shipping to Israel:

  1. Set your delivery address to Israel
  2. Qualifying items shipped by Amazon will display “FREE Shipping to Israel” by item price
  3. Review your Shopping Cart to see if your order qualifies for FREE Shipping
  4. If your order qualifies, “AmazonGlobal FREE Shipping” will be pre-selected at checkout

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The item must be SBA or FBA in order to qualify, in addition there are categories and certain items that do not ship at or or just cost money to import. 

SBA = Sold by Amazon
FBA = Fulfilled by Amazon
FBM = Fulfilled by Merchant

The import deposit fee and VAT still apply when the order cost exceeds $75. 

Not all items have propagated this change yet, so add to cart and be patient!  

Lastly, you need to reach the minimum  of $65 spent to hit the free shipping threshold... This has been pushed from $49 before the pandemic...

The secret goal would be to hit between $65 and $75 to get free shipping and avoid paying Import Deposit Fees (VAT)

Now's your time to shop away! 

Amazon FAQ for the promotion

Sample Items:

Note that you do not need an Amazon Prime Subscription to qualify for this promotion.  

 translated in image what each field needs to have as input (use this link to actually check) or try here

Source: JPost /Deals In Israel

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