Friday, September 29, 2023

SeaQuest Interactive Aquariums: Up to 4 Tickets for FREE!


Update: Available Again 

Promo code: GOGREENFREE  (4 free adult tickets or 5 free kids tickets)

 SeaQuest (8 locations) has Up to 4 Tickets for FREE w/ Coupon Code GOGREENFREE  

Chol HaMoed is October 2,3,4,5 (Mon-Thurs) 

  • Over 2 Million Guests Visit SeaQuest Every Year
  • We bring the majestic wonders of our planet, ranging from rainforests and deserts to exotic marine life. 
  • These exhibits create an exciting quest for visitors as they make their way through an Icelandic Fishing Village, the Great Wall of China, to the Amazon River and beyond. 
  • Guests are encouraged to connect with animals and learn about their ecosystems through various hands-on activities which include hand-feeding sharks, stingrays, birds, and tropical animals.
  • Anyone in search of a more daring experience can enjoy walk-in aviaries, coming face-to-face with crocodilians by feeding the caiman, or snorkeling in the premier 36,000-gallon exhibit filled with reef sharks, stingrays, and hundreds of tropical fish. SeaQuest offers a private event venue ideal for school field trips, birthday parties, and more.


  1. The system only allowed me to use the promo code for 1 ticket,

  2. How do I know it will be honored if I make the trip tomorrow?

  3. SeaQuest (10 locations) has Up to 5 Tickets for FREE w/ Coupon Code REPTILE ARMY

  4. went yesterday, no mermaid show in NJ location (probably depends wich location you go to) it was really nice everything was totally fine. lots of jews there. was perfect thx

  5. worked for us email is your ticket

  6. thanks, got this last week just went yesterday.... AMAZING TIME!

  7. got 10 tickets (5 at a time)

  8. ty someone posted your link in our family chat, saw lots of frum families, kids had a blast

  9. got the confirmation last week but when tickets expire?