Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cracking the price code: How to decode big store price tags.

There may be an easy way for you to stay one step ahead of retailers when it comes to getting the best price. One little number on an item's price tag could mean the difference in big savings for you.
It's called the price code, and it's a system retailer have used for years.
It's a secret the retailers don't really want you to know about, and it's a secret they've used for years as a way to monitor their inventory.

You want to look for that number 4 at the end of the price tag ... that's it ... it`s not going to go any lower than that.

• Wait to buy if price ends in 9
• Maybe buy if price ends in 6 or 8, but it could go lower
• Buy now if it ends in 4

Knowing when items get marked down can save you multiple trips to the store. "So, I can check in on Monday ... and if there's an item I really want ... I see it on clearance, great. Or I can wait for the following Monday to see if it's still there and it'll be marked down even more."

Markdown schedule:
• Monday: Baby items, children's clothing, electronics, office supplies, gift wrap, stationary
• Tuesday: Home decor, women's clothing, domestic items
• Wednesday: Food, health and beauty items, men's clothing, toys, garden items
• Thursday: Lingerie, housewares, sporting goods, shoes, luggage
• Friday: Cosmetics, jewelry, hardware, automotive, home improvement

At Costco, look for prices that end in .97. There is also an asterisk that appears on the price tag to indicate an item is going to be discontinued, and the price will fall even more. "If you see that asterisks and the .97, stock up and run for the hills because you're getting the best deal possible!" Hanna said.

Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic
All of these Gap, Inc. stores follow the same pricing system. Prices ending in the following digits all mean sale - go ahead and make that purchase:
• .47
• .49
• .97
• .99

Consider it a transfer of power from the retailers straight into your wallet. "If you're a more empowered shopper, I think that's a great feeling. It always feels good to save money!

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